Roles: Game Design, Level Design, UI/UX Design
Human 1.0 is a human simulator that requires the player to move the 3D character by using on screen dials and buttons. This was a project I created in my Experimental Game Topics class at USC. The game was made using Unity. All the art work and coding was created by me, with the exception of the 3rd person prefab which I hacked into. 
The controls have been mapped to a PS3 controller.
Game Design Decisions
Cones layouts were inspired by miniature golf courses. Difficulty is scaffolded to help players get used to mechanics as they progress through the game.
Human 1.0 challenges you to make it through the obstacles in the best time possible. The grading system works based on how quickly you make it through the level, and how many cones you hit. The time requirements for each grade were established based on playtests.
Since players are being introduced to a new control scheme, the UI needed to provide as much feedback as possible. The levers that move the character forward are accentuated with blinking lights to indicate the need to alternate between up and down movements. The green turn signals on the sides light up and a turn signal sound is played while the turn button is being pressed. Pressing the reverse button causes the switch to flip and plays a truck backing up noise. Feedback decisions were implemented based on feedback from playtesters.
Blinking feet were added to indicate the players direction. This decisions was made based on feedback from playtesters.
The ending puzzle was recolored based on playtester feedback. Making it simpler to understand that the blue box needs to placed in the opening to be able to reach the top platform.
Signs were created to help clue the player in on the requirements of the level.
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