A collection of illustrations I created for my friend Nate Waggoner's short story, The Creature with the Atom Brain. All illustrations were created in Adobe Illustrator.
Working at Academy of Art University provided me the opportunity to take free classes. One of the courses I took advantage of was animal anatomy, which greatly improved my ability to draw both animals and fictitious creatures. The requirements of this project were to create an illustration of a dog showing an understanding of anatomy from a photograph. To create the image I did my line work using a Wacom tablet and Photoshop, shot photographs of different textures, and colorized and tinted the textures to match the form of the original image. 
I was feeling nostalgic for Halloween and decided to create a series of monster illustrations. Rather than focusing scary or gory, I wanted to show a more relatable group of monsters. The illustrations were created using Adobe Illustrator.
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